A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, but a Journal is Worth a Million Memories.

Kira Rysiewicz, Beta Nu, Bradley University
Kira Rysiewicz, Beta Nu, Bradley University

Forgive me for sounding like your grandma, but I’m just not a fan of all this newfangled technology. Sure, I Instagram my #foodie moments and the occasional #TBT, and I’ve been known to send a silly Snapchat every once in a while. But I firmly believe in the art of the written word. Call this a #nerdalert, but I carry my paper planner with me like it’s a fifth limb.

I like to start my days with to-do list writing. It helps me organize my thoughts by writing them down. I also firmly believe a to-do list is like a work of art. In fact, my mom usually gets me several pads of list paper for Christmas every year that are usually gone in a few months! I honestly won’t remember things unless they are written in at least three different places.

So allow me to introduce my trusty sidekick on the road this year: my 365-Day Journal. As a journalism major in college, I have a strong affinity for words, and I like to collect my thoughts into journals and diaries. Unfortunately, life gets crazy, so I can come up with a million excuses for why I don’t have time to journal every day. My 365-Day Journal doesn’t leave room for excuses; the journal asks one question every day for five years, and gives only three lines to answer. Before bed, I can quickly respond to the questions like, “what is the last fruit you ate?” or “what is one thing you want to remember about today?” No excuses.

It’s the perfect solution for those of us who love to write and record our memories but don’t have time to write a novel every night. I’m proud to say I’ve been using this journal for over three years now! It’s been with me throughout college, my study abroad semester in Spain, my first internship, graduation, and now it’s with me on my Sigma Kappa LC journey.

Every day, I look back on my answers from one, two, three years ago and smile to myself when I see how much growth and change has happened in such a short amount of time. Sure, some questions are silly and some are more meaningful (and some answers will make your LC teammates laugh and tease you when they read through the journal without your permission.) Regardless of the answers I gave, I know that this book will be with me forever so I can remember some of the most influential years of my life.

So now that I’m reflecting back on life, I know that I sound like your grandma. If you’re not a fan of journaling, I’m sure that in 50 years you will look back on your timeline with fond memories of your #mcm and exciting times with the #bae. You’ll be able to teach your grandkids all about what a selfie was, why the duck face was ever a thing, and the importance of choosing the right filter. As for me, I’ll stick to pen and paper.

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