A Letter to my Biological Sister who is now my Sorority Sister

Britney Smith - Kappa Mu Chapter, Duquesne University
Britney Smith – Kappa Mu Chapter, Duquesne University

Dear Sis,

Being an older sister was my first job & probably will always be my favorite one. To think, I have been there through all of your life, all your struggles & all those triumphs is crazy cool for me. Trips to Idlewild, too many dance recitals to count, doctor appointments, time out, playgrounds & beaches; we have shared so much together. You’re the person that I have spent the most time with, the person who was always around to annoy me, play with me, help me & talk to me. It’s been a fun 19 years with you.

Now we’ve added one more thing to our list of joint adventures. HELLO SIGMA KAPPA & all of the things that come along with being in the same sorority at the same university. Shared Ritual, shared friends and the same floor in a Duquesne residence hall.

But Ky, as much as I wanted you to join the sisterhood that I call home, by no means do I want you to have the same journey as me. Your experiences are yours, just as mine are mine. Sigma Kappa may mean something to you that’s very different from what it means to me & that is okay. It’s normal to walk through Sigma Kappa with different perspectives & feelings towards it. All I ask is that you take from Sigma Kappa all that you can & all that you need. Use it to shape who you’ll become.

Kyleigh and I after Kappa Mu’s Spring 2016 initiation

Nothing has been so special as surprising you during your Initiation & being able to pin you with the badge that has come to mean so much to me. Quite the good surprise, don’t ya think? Still thankful for minimal travel delays that day.

Now, I think I have the two best jobs in the world, being an older sister & being a leadership consultant. My worlds are colliding. Sigma Kappa was my college family. It’s currently my work family. Now Sigma Kappa enters my immediate family.

It’s amazing to me that we now get to share Sigma Kappa. Welcome to the love Kyleigh!



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  1. Friend of Sigma Kappa here – I love this post! My biological sister is also my sorority sister and having her there at my initiation and pinning my badge on me remains one of my favorite college and Alpha Gamma Delta memories!

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