6 Things I Learned as an LC

Just like my other LC friends, it’s crazy to think that we are reaching the end of our time as leadership consultants – some of us after two years! It’s hard to incapsulate everything I’ve learned and all the experiences I’ve had during my time as a leadership consultant, but alas here is my go at it. If you have ever considered being a leadership consultant or want to know what I’ve taken from it, keep reading: 10 Things I Learned as an LC.

  1. Translating the LC experience to non-LCs is not as difficult as it may sound.  I’ve found myself having to explain to my friends, to family members, and even in interviews what my position actually entails. Each time I think, “Wow, that was a pretty good way to translate it.” because I guess at first it has the impression of it being such a drastically different job. In reality, the leadership consultant position is almost like having a ton of different jobs all in one. I’ve been a teacher, a social media manager, a recruiter, a program developer, etc.
  2. Airports can be so relaxing. I’m going to miss all the wonderful parts about being at an airport. The variety of restaurants, shops, and coffee spots at every turn. The multitudes of people that come and go from every gate just always has me wondering where they came from or where they are going. At first, I was so nervous about venturing around an airport by myself but low and behold I now have traveled well over 40 different airports!
  3. There are so many amazing places around the United States. I’ve been to 27 different universities and each one just continues to amaze me. I’ve been to incredible places around the country and I definitely would have never found myself there had it not been for being an LC. Who would’ve thought Geneseo, New York would have such a beautiful sunset view or that Eugene, Oregon is where you can find the best coffee in the country (Dutch Bros). I’ve explored both coasts and the mid-west, and all the while only realized that there are so many more beautiful places to discover!
  4. You’re going to have a multitude of stories to tell. Seriously, I have so many fun memories from these past two years that I’ll never forget. From attending a Mumford & Sons concert in Houston to exploring the streets of New Orleans, and everything in between. I’ve been able to experience the coolest things with Sigma Kappa members all over the country. Whether it be spending nights binge watching American Horror Story at University of Massachusetts – Amherst, or laughing in the living room of the Chico State Sigma Kappa house, I’ll love telling the stories of all my favorite memories.
  5. Being away from home isn’t easy, but is sometimes worth it. When I took this job I knew that it was going to be difficult to be away from home, but I figured that I could manage. I had lived at my university before and I planned to come back home a few times to visit so it wouldn’t be that bad. When I decided to continue in this job, I underestimated how much harder it would get. Many factors changed for me that made being away from home difficult like being in a relationship with Richard and my mother being diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve learned that you need to be willing to commit time to really prioritize the relationships which you value most. I missed home and realized that although I’ve been to all kinds of places around the U.S, there’s no place like it. But for me to realize what’s most important to me and learn who I am as an individual, I needed to go out of my comfort zone and sometimes that means…home.
  6. You’re going to meet your best friends. This is the toughest part about being an LC – saying goodbye to your teammates (or let’s look at it as a “see you later”). When I took this job, I was looking for being a part of a cohesive team but now that I am on my last days I’ve learned it’s become more of a family. I’m going to miss running to Starbucks in the morning, exploring random cities with my LC friends, crying from laughter when a La Croix falls off the roof of a car while driving, everyone shaking their head when I say I want to eat Chipotle again or am talking about my Instagram aesthetic, or getting excited when I mention Richard. Truly no one will understand what it’s like being a leadership consultant other than your teammates, and that’s what has built this strong bond between us. I’ve been blessed to have such amazing friends and sisters these past two years being on both teams.

So thank you, Sigma Kappa. You taught me everything I know and everything I am, more than I had expected. Thank you for these past two years of my life. I could only put it so much into words, but I hope it has done it justice. To all the chapters I’ve worked with, you all know how much I loved working with you. I wish all of you readers an amazing life and hope you continue to enjoy reading our journeys!



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