It's Recruitment Season!

Greetings, friends!  After spending lots of time focusing on recruitment during my first two visits, I’ve created some new lyrics to a tune you may find familiar.  It is back to school season, and you know what that means for many colleges and universities — recruitment season!

At the University of Louisville, excitement filled the air as I spent time with the women of Alpha Theta during pre recruitment.  They are a wonderful group of women who welcomed me with open arms.  During much time discussing logistics, conversation topics, values and sisterhood, we really got to know each other and I learned all about the awesome city of Louisville.

Here are a few of our adventures:

Exploring the culture of Bardstown (Thanks for the awesome lunch at Fleur de Lis Café!)

Venturing across the street to the Speed Art Museum (my favorite was Andy Warhol’s “Myths”)

Eating Breakfast at Lynn’s Paradise Café, host of a Food Network Throwdown with Bobby Flay

Meeting halfway at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame

After a wonderful visit with Alpha Theta, sisters Emily and Erica Downs were kind enough to drive me halfway to meet the women of Alpha Delta (University of Tennessee).  It just so happens that the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame was the exact halfway point (Why not try to knock out every tourist stop if I can?  I have no shame.)  Jennifer and Annie from UT and I had an awesome time getting to know each other during the car ride to UT (talks of ritual, musicals and more).  Once we  made it to move-in day on campus, we hit the ground running.  More to come, but for now, here’s the little ditty I promised:

(To the tune of Tis the Season)

Tis Recruitment Season, holler!


We live one heart one way, dove callers,


Reflecting on our ole’ five founders,

Mary, Frances, Elizabeth, Ida and Louise!

We live each day by our four values,

Service, personal growth, friendship and loyaltyyyy- eeeee!

Happy Recruitment Season!

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