2 Weeks

Kassy Pierson

In college I remember thinking that two weeks was no time at all and I would become stressed by all the things I needed to accomplish in that small window of time. Now, time still flies right by me (and yes, there is the ever popular recruitment stress) but I look at a time period of two weeks very differently now.

I was at our Beta Tau Chapter at the University of Florida for two whole weeks. As a leadership consultant, I learned quickly that that is an incredible amount of time to be in one place and I am not lying when I say it began to feel like home. I got to unpack, do laundry, get familiar with a campus and most importantly, deepen my roots in the Mystic Bond with a new group of women.  And wow – what a group of women I stumbled upon…

These women changed my life in that two week period. I challenged them and they continually met – no, actually exceeded – the expectations I had for them. Together, we were productive in a learning environment while still having fun laughing about senseless things like llamas, bells, living in the violet bubble and silly dance moves. They showed me a level of sisterhood that is filled with cherished and unforgettable moments; these women accepted me with open arms and even more open hearts.

It is crazy how attached we can get in just two weeks, but then I think that maybe it is not so crazy because the bonds we share from coast to coast are something you can’t explain, you can only feel. And let me tell you, words cannot do justice for my stay at Beta Tau.

When Sigma Kappas say we are sisters, we mean it and all that comes with it. Two weeks, that is all it takes to have a group of sisters bring about a beautiful reminder that brings a smile across your face and adds extra warmth to your heart that lasts a lifetime.

Thanks Beta Tau for the memories. I’ll miss UF!

<3 Kass

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